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28 Infotech Leverages the Best Cross-Platform App Development Technologies

Cross-platform mobile applications are designed to work across various mobile platforms. These mobile apps work with multiple operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows mobile platforms.

The Cross-Platform App Development service provides the flexibility of “one-code-fits-all”. This technology is a viable solution for reducing development time and cost while creating native mobile apps. This is the reason hybrid apps outperform native apps.

At 28 Infotech, we strive to build robust, scalable, and interactive Hybrid mobile apps which run seamlessly over various platforms. We understand the specific market requirements and create the best solutions by leveraging hybrid technology’s capabilities.

The Best Cross-Platform App Development Technologies

Custom Multi-Platform Apps Development

With an in-depth knowledge of cross-platform application frameworks, we provide a comprehensive suite of development services for creating apps that run on multiple operating systems. We have extensive experience delivering cross-platform application development services, ranging from application management and maintenance to hybrid app reengineering.

AR/VR Cross-Platform Apps

AR and VR technology offer interactive mobile experiences. Our skilled developers are capable of designing AR and VR apps using a wide range of frameworks. AR and VR provide app users with an exceptional experience. This technology offers unbelievable twists to even dull-looking applications!

AI Integrated Cross-Platform Apps

As technology evolves, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is the future of technology. At 28 Infotech, we apply AI in our Cross-Platform Apps to improve the user experience and overall functionality. From online service/product applications to personal finance management apps, we are qualified to deliver AI-integrated hybrid apps.

Wearable Cross-Platform Apps

Wearables are becoming increasingly popular in a number of applications, including temperature, speed, and basic movement, as well as distance and heart rate. At 28 Infotech, we provide Cross-Platform App Development for portable devices with cameras and sensors. We develop shareable experiences and bring together unique design and engineering expertise to create the prototype.

Web-Based Cross-Platform Apps

A Web-Based Cross-Platform App is a great pick if you want to avoid making your users feel burdened by the need to download an app. We will assist you in developing world-class applications that are conveniently accessible via the web. This will ensure that you reach the greatest amount of people at a reasonable cost.

Cross-Platform UI/UX Design Services

Mobile apps are all appealing user experience, and our highly skilled team of designers creates highly resonant UI/UX designs to keep your users' interest. Our Cross-Platform Apps are also noted for their amazing user interfaces (UI/UX) due to our designers' immaculate handling of the entire design process!

Quality Assurance Testing Services

28 Infotech helps you in developing high-quality mobile apps that provide the greatest possible experience for your end users. We thoroughly evaluate the app's quality to ensure that it satisfies the performance criteria. With years of experience, we have developed strong testing processes to provide industry-leading solutions.

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